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Twin Cities Special: Oxford On A Budget Or Saskatoon

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on December 28, 2012 19:00
Rapidly establishing itself as one of Canada’s most talked about tourist destinations, Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan, contains some of the country’s finest hotels and has a real buzz about it with a cool combination of bustling nightlife, a rural setting and some top cultural institutions. However, can an emerging hotspot compete with Oxford, in Oxfordshire, one of England’s most well-established and revered city break destinations? Here we look at... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Glasgow On A Budget Or Turin

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on December 21, 2012 19:00
Capital of the Piedmont region of Italy, Turin is one of the major cultural centres of Europe known for its art galleries, libraries, theatres, museums, parks and gardens. With architecture highlighting the Art Nouveau, baroque and neo-classical periods, it has become a consistent favourite among city break enthusiasts looking to experience cultural delights and embrace the artist within. Compare that then to a stay in Glasgow, in Scotland. The ... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Exeter On A Budget Or Rennes

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on December 14, 2012 19:00
As the capital of the French region of Brittany, Rennes has become a popular tourist destination for Brits looking for a home away from home. The Britons are notoriously bigger fans of the British than they are of the French and this beautiful city is the perfect starting place to discover that warm hospitality. However, if there’s “no place like home” then what about a stay in the twin city of Rennes: Exeter, in Devon? Despite its location in o... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Dundee On A Budget Or Dubai

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on December 7, 2012 19:00
With blistering hot temperatures, and hot summers averaging 42 degrees Celsius, and some years yielding no more than just a few minutes of showers, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, could hardly seem further apart from Dundee, in Scotland. Yet remarkably, the two are twin cities. So how can a resurgent Dundee compete with perhaps the most progressive and forward thinking emirate in the UAE? Here we take a look at a stay in Dubai and a stay in... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Bristol On A Budget Or Porto

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on November 30, 2012 20:00
What springs to mind when you think of Porto, in Portugal? Perhaps the beautiful sunshine associated with the region; maybe its brilliant architecture; or how about its famous football team that won the Champions’ League under Jose Mourinho? No matter which image springs to mind, one thing is assured: you’ll have glamour and prestige firmly in your thoughts. Compare it then to its twin city of Bristol, in Somerset: and chances are you have a ver... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Gloucester On A Budget Or Metz, France

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on November 23, 2012 20:00
As the capital of the Lorraine region, Metz, in France, is both an eye catching and beautiful city noted for its 3,000 year history and the fact that it is steeped in Romance culture having been strongly linked with its Germanic neighbours. So how does this city of romance compare to the Roman city of Gloucester, in Gloucestershire, its twin city neighbour in South West England? Can this city, noted for its links to the Tudors and Stuarts prove... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne On A Budget Or Atlanta, GA

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on November 16, 2012 09:00
More than 4,000 miles apart, the twin cities of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, in Northumberland, and Atlanta, Georgia, in America’s deep-south, appear, at least on the surface to be cultural opposites. However, anyone who has enjoyed a stay in Newcastle and a stay in Atlanta will tell you that the two have much more in common than you may expect. Both are brave, bold and beautiful cities that have developed rapidly in recent years and are starting to es... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Edinburgh On A Budget Or Munich

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on November 9, 2012 20:00
Think of Edinburgh, in Scotland, and Munich, in Germany, and the most obvious thing that the two cities appear to have in common is that they both love their festivals. From the world renowned Edinburgh festivals to the famous Munich Beer Festivals, it’s fair to say that both cities love a good time. However, scratch a little deeper and you’ll find that a stay in Edinburgh and a stay in Munich will have much more to offer including some fantasti... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Manchester On A Budget Or St Petersburg

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on November 2, 2012 20:00
There have been plenty of name changes for the Russian city of St Petersburg, which was once known as Petrograd and Leningrad, but one thing has remained consistent: its remarkable beauty. With staggering architecture, a stunning cityscape and brilliant museums and parks it’s a natural draw for city break tourists looking to explore the Eastern bloc. So how then can its twin city in the North West of England, Manchester, possibly compete? Though... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Worcester On A Budget Or Worcester, Massachusetts

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on October 26, 2012 19:00
It is one thing for two cities to be “twinned” but it’s extremely rare for them to share the same name. Yet in the case of Worcester, in Worcestershire, and Worcester, in Massachusetts, that’s the case: with the latter being named after its UK counterpart. However, do the cities offer more similarities than just a name? Or are they as far apart as the miles between them would suggest? Here we take a look at a stay in Worcester and… well, a stay ... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Portsmouth On A Budget Or Caen

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on October 19, 2012 19:00
Of all the twin cities in Europe, few can claim to be neighbours – however, Portsmouth in Hampshire and Caen in Normandy, France, are probably about as close as it gets. So if you’re looking for a break away in the near future is it worth popping on the ferry and travelling for a stay in France to discover the phenomenal history on your doorstep in Caen? Or, would a stay in Portsmouth prove just as enjoyable? A little history There’s little d... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Leeds On A Budget Or Dortmund

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on October 12, 2012 19:00
Leeds, in Yorkshire, and Dortmund, in Germany, have a lot more in common than simply being twin cities: both are also very much in the shadows when it comes to touristic activities. Dortmund is overlooked in favour of the likes of Munich, Berlin and Cologne; while Leeds seems to favour only the student crowd with most holidaymakers preferring cities such as London and Liverpool. However, could a stay in Leeds or a stay in Dortmund prove to be a ... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Canterbury On A Budget Or Reims

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on October 5, 2012 19:00
Described as a coronation city and a champagne town, Reims is an area eager to showcase its past and rich traditions, even though it is very much a lively city with a sense of vibrancy and a real buzz. Similar then to its twin city in Kent – Canterbury – a city that is built on its cathedral foundations but with a host of coastal resorts nearby and plenty to see and do, it’s become a hotbed for visitors and settlers. This week we take a look at ... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Aberdeen On A Budget Or Stavanger

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on September 28, 2012 19:00
A small metropolis with soul – that is how the tourist guides describe the Norwegian region of Stavanger, which offers a delightful mix of nature, urbanism and culture. Much like Aberdeen, in Aberdeenshire, then: which it could be argued blends the best that Scotland has to offer whether you’re looking for a romantic hideaway or an adrenaline packed outdoor adventure. With both areas having similar climates and spectacular scenery, which of thes... [Read Full Post]

Twin Cities Special: Birmingham On A Budget Or Chicago

Posted by Paul Lucascomment on September 21, 2012 19:00
If you asked many holidaymakers why they opt to fly abroad instead of travelling within their UK for their breaks, most would answer: “the weather”. So it might make an interesting comparison then to see how one of the UK’s largest cities compares to a similar giant in the USA - but one that has earned the nickname: “the Windy City”. Yes Birmingham, in Warwickshire, and Chicago, in the state of Illinois, are twin cities. Neither is readily consi... [Read Full Post]