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Situated a mere ten miles from Charing Cross in London, the town of Chigwell is quite often frequented by day trippers from the city and first time travellers alike. So plan a visit to Chigwell and take advantage of all the town has to offer those in search of a brief respite away from London congestion. In fact, the town is colloquially known as the 'first village out of London'.

Historically, Chigwell was mentioned as early as the 12th century in the internationally recognized Domesday Book. For several centuries, Chigwell remained largely pastoral, particularly to the south of town centre. But today few remnants still stand to attest to the town's parish heritage, save the nearby Hainault and Epping Forests that have survived urbanization.

Places of Interest

For centuries, Chigwell developed primarily as a residential area outside of London, housing several well-to-do residents. Some of the more impressive specimens of 16th and 17th architecture have passed the test of time despite the encroachment of the city.

Primarily among these sites of interest, the Retreat at Chigwell Row dates back to the 16th century and now houses a well patronised local cafe. Brownings Manor, a standing timber-framed estate, is famous for its three gables. Many visitors also come to view Woolston Hall, as well.

Fairly close to town, you will discover Roding Valley Meadows on the River Roding. Every year thousands of first time visitors come to the reserve in order to view over 200 unique species of wild flower. Best of all, the reserve sits within walking distance of the Loughton Tube Station situated north of Chigwell proper across the M11 motorway.

Bedfords Park is another section of preserved natural beauty. First time visitors can view vast numbers of rare and exotic trees as well as cycle the park's grounds for a day in the sun. Yet, another place first time visitors to Chigwell simply have to see is the ancient Hainault Forest, located east of Chigwell Row and protected since the early 20th century.


Due to Chigwell's proximity to the city, the town is very easy to travel to from all parts of the city. Bus service to Chigwell is well provided by major operators in London. The rails bring people to town from all over Essex.

Specifically, Chigwell is well served by Chigwell Station, a tube station up the central line of the Underground. The Grange Hill also rests along the central line too. Buckhurst Hill and the Loughton Station also operate near Chigwell.

Major motorways also bypass Chigwell via the M11 motorway, which extends to the north and east of the city. But for a direct road into town, travel the A113/Chigwell Road if you choose to avoid the busy motorway. The A123 Road converges on Chigwell from the south, as well.

Chigwell Lodgings

Should your day trip to Chigwell turn into an all night affair, Chigwell is well provided with several quality hotels with most of these establishments conveniently situated near the M11 motorway to the west of town. But a short drive north of town by way of Loughton, there are many more accommodations available for booking throughout the year.

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