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Roxburghshire Visitor Travel Guide Page

We have compiled a travel and holiday information guide to help with your holiday stay in Roxburghshire.

About Roxburghshire


Roxburghshire is a Scottish border county. Its only low land lies in the North and in the larger river valleys. The southern portions are extremely hilly. The Cheviots mark the natural border with England. Peel Fell rises to 1,964 feet and Catcleuch Shin to 1,742 feet. The main mountains in Roxburghshire are Cauldleuch Head at 1,996 feet, Greatmoor rising to 1,964 feet, Din Fell rising to 1,735 feet, Arnton Fell at 1,464 feet, Windburgh at 1,622 feet, and Pennygant at 1,805 feet.

The shire is well watered. The River Tweed runs through the shire's north for twenty-six of its ninety-seven miles. Its tributaries are the Bowder and Teviot on the right bank, and the Eden and Allan on the left bank. The main river that is completely within the borders of the county is the Teviot River. It runs thirty-seven miles before it merges with the Tweed River. The main tributaries on the right bank are the Slitrig, the Allan Water, the Dean Vurn, the Jed, the Rule, the Oxnam, and the Kale, while the on the left bank are the Ale and the Borthwick Water.

In the south the main stream is the Liddel that runs for twenty-seven miles. Both the Liddel and the Kershope are borders with Cumberland in England. There are only a few smaller lakes in the county, namely the Primside Loch, Yetholm, and Horselaw. The main valleys are the Liddesdale, Teviotdale, Tweedside, and Jedvale.

Attractions & Heritage Sites within Roxburghshire

1. Hermitage Castle - Hawick, Roxburghshire, TD9 0LU

Now under the care of Historic Scotland and open to the public in summer months. The structure was built about 1240 as a wooden structure, but gradually stone was used.

2. Melrose Abbey - Melrose, Roxburghshire, TD6 9LG

Melrose Abbey is a gothic structure where over 100 monks of the 10th century dwelled. The interior has ornate carvings of flowers, dragons, and other figures throughout.

3. Jedburgh Abbey - Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, TD8 6JQ

Jedburgh Abbey grounds had been used as a priory shortly after 1100 by King David 1st. Artifacts on display have been preserved since David's ownership. Now maintained by Historic Scotland.

See Full List of Attractions & Heritage Sites in Roxburghshire

Towns and Villages in Roxburghshire

Roxburghshire has some lovely towns and villages to explore, below is a list with a short summary and link to more information about it and pictures.

  • Hawick - Museum tells the story of the textile industry, spanning more than 400 years... More...
  • Melrose - Abbey was abandoned and left to ruin in the latter 1500s... More...

Useful Contact Information for Roxburghshire

Hawick Tourist Information Centre
Tower Mill, Heart of Hawick Campus, Hawick, Roxburghshire, TD9 0AE
Tel No: 01450 373993

Jedburgh Tourist Information Centre
Murray's Green, Abbey Place, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, TD8 6BE
Tel No: 01835 863170

Kelso Tourist Information Centre
Town House, The Square, Kelso, Roxburghshire, TD5 7HF
Tel No: 01573 228055

Melrose Tourist Information Centre
Abbey Street, Melrose, Roxburghshire, TD6 9LG
Tel No: 01896 822283